Innovation Partnership

We partner with people trying to transform their organisations from within.  For 6 years, we were that person.  We read all the books and worked with the best in the industry. 


BREAKING NEWS: No one has the silver bullet.  Fact.

We provide genuinely impartial advice to help you navigate the huge array of (let's be honest, teeth-sucking expensive) innovation and transformation consultancies and initiatives.  

This isn't us telling you what to do, or judging what you've done.  This is you, using our expertise, experience and network, to focus on:

  • A clear articulation of the specific outcome you're seeking to achieve

  • The true barriers to your existing innovation and transformation efforts


  • Initial options to break those barriers down and a list of recommended suppliers

  • Ultimately, stop wasting money on the wrong activities and initiatives and focus on the real ones with the right support.

How does it work?

We will work with you, the sponsor, to set the scope and context for this piece of work.  We will then:

  • Carry out 10 structured and qualitative interviews 

  • Design and conduct 1 survey 

  • Analyse the data and provide a report with our analysis, options and recommendations

  • Provide an executive or stakeholder presentation, either in person or virtually.

This, our standard offer, costs £20k and we aim to have the report in your hands within 6 weeks.