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Team Lean Innovation Sprint

Part 1: What’s the big idea? Attend as a team and explore your big idea. By the end of the sprint you’ll have a deep understanding of your potential customers' needs, and a clearly articulated big idea for how you might go about helping them.

Sometimes innovation starts with an idea, sometimes you start with a customer problem, sometimes it’s some emerging technology you’re not quite sure who might use it or for what. In this first sprint we’ll take you through 2 days of workshops and five 1-hour coaching sessions. We will focus on getting problem validation and figuring out the potential size of the opportunity. This sprint introduces teams to different tools to capture and communicate your big idea, teaches you how to recognise and prioritise your assumptions, and how to get the most valuable insights from your customers.

Part 2: Gaining market traction. By the end of the sprint you’ll have developed an initial product offering that can be tested with your first customers.

In another set of 2 days of workshops and five 1-hour coaching sessions we’ll shift gears to develop your value proposition into initial MVP’s that test critical aspects of your business model. We’ll help you to build, test & iterate fast based on real customer feedback. We’ll cover new techniques for Ideation, Experiment Design, how to capture and act on what you learn, and market traction modelling. 

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